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Charles G. Finney was one of America’s great evangelists (1792-1872). He was a lawyer by profession when he became a Christian at the age of 27. The day he was converted he quit practicing law, though he had a trial scheduled for that day. He told his client, “I have been retained for the Lord Jesus Christ to plead his case and I cannot plead yours.” The man was forced to settle out of court. Knowing the importance of a verdict, this lawyer-turned-preacher was the first to call on people to make a public decision for Christ as part of his services.

One day he went to a service and another lawyer met him at the door, handed him a piece of paper, and said, “I deliver this to you as a servant of Jesus Christ.” When he read it he found that it was a “quit claim deed” by the man to the Lord Jesus Christ of ownership of himself and everything he possessed. He would no longer claim his life as his own. 

That’s essentially what it means to be a follower of Christ. It means we relinquish all rights, titles, and our possessions to Jesus without reservation.

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