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Today's Devotional

A Christian Wife

Christianity was never intended for carpeted cathedrals alone. It was also intended for kitchens, dens, and the entire household.

The Bible speaks explicitly about the responsibilities of Christians in marriage. One of the most detailed passages is 1 Peter 3:1-7. In these verses Peter deals with the place of wives, husbands, and prayer in marriage. Primary emphasis is placed on responsibilities rather than rights. It is always more important to be the right person than it is to find the right person.

What are the responsibilities of a Christian wife?

1. She is to give her first allegiance to Jesus Christ. Nothing and no one is to usurp his place as Lord and Master of her life. Marriage is best when the husband and wife share a common commitment to the Savior, but if the husband is not committed, the wife is to be anyhow. Even if she must go alone, she must be true to her commitment to the Savior. She must not neglect Christ for the sake of her husband.

2. She should just be a good wife and by the silent preaching of a lovely life she is to show what Christ can do for a person. If her husband is an unbeliever, it is certain that this is the best way to break down the barriers of prejudice and hostility and win him to faith in Christ. Non-Christians are inclined to look at Christianity from the viewpoint of a mechanical engineer. They want to know, “Does it work? Does it hold together?” If a person claims to be a Christian and continues to nag, quarrel, worry, and criticize, others are apt to have ho confidence in his/her profession.

3. She is to give priority to her inward character rather than her outward appearance. Hairdos, jewelry, and the latest styles are not to take precedence over building a beautiful, sweet, Christlike character. A wife should not neglect her appearance, but it should not be given priority over character.

If you are a Christian wife, don’t leave your Christianity at church on Sunday morning. Take it with you to the workplace and the supermarket and most of all into the marriage relationship. Remember that a religion that does nothing for your marriage will do nothing for your soul.

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