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Today's Devotional

Practical Atheism

A. J. Cronin said: “Worry, in the final analysis, is a form of atheism.” To worry unduly is to deny faith in a God who can and will help you. Jesus agrees. Jesus addressed those in his day who worried unduly with the words “O ye of little faith.” Unbelief is at the root of most worry.

The solution to worry is faith in God. Faith is the greatest tranquilizer the world has ever known. A man who put his trust in the Lord and became a Christian said to me a few days later, “I have slept better this week than I have in years.” If worry and fear rob you of sleep, make peace with God. Trust him completely. It will work miracles. As Victor Hugo said, “When you have accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace: God is awake.”

A medical doctor said some time ago, “I have attempted to cure nervous patients with suggestions of quietness and confidence, but without success until I linked those suggestions to faith in the power of God and the substance of a Christian’s hope.” If worry plagues your life, rather than wind up on a psychiatrist’s couch or an undertaker’s slab, why not give Jesus Christ a chance? Put your faith and trust in him. Seek to obey his commands. Lose yourself in his service. When your life is filled with faith, there is little room left for worry.

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